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The Invisible Man

"Everyone's like the rest. That's why they're the rest."

Claude (The Invisible Man) from NBC's Heroes
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community for the character of "Claude Raines" from NBC's Heroes.

We accept fic, icons, vids, episode discussion, pictures, and anything else you can think of for this exciting new character! Discussion of Christopher Eccleston, the fabulously talented actor who plays him, is also allowed, but please try to keep it about his work in Heroes. And finally, everyone's allowed a welcome/introduction post, should they want one. This doesn't have to be strictly on topic, though it would be nice if you mentioned something about why you like Claude/wanted to join. :-)

Fic/icons/vids/etc. about Claude paired with another character are also allowed, as long as Claude is one of the main two characters featured.
1.) No flames or character bashing. We have a zero tolerance policy. Anyone caught harassing another member or engaging in such rude and uncalled for behavior will be banned. End of story.

2.) Please lock fic/graphics/icons/vids/etc. with a rating of R or higher. This means to set it to a security level of friends only. If you do not do so, I'll be forced to come after you with a wet noodle, which won't be pleasant for anyone. ;-P

3.) The lj-cut is your friend. Please use it appropriately. All fic that is longer than 500 words must be placed behind a cut, with the relevant header info outside the cut. (More info on fic headers below.) Icon posts with more than 3-4 icons must also use cuts, and the same goes for any large graphics. Finally, spoilers must be placed behind cuts. (More info on what is considered a spoiler below.)

4.) Spoilers need cut tags. We are a spoiler-friendly community, but that does not mean you can post spoilers all willy-nilly. If your post concerns anything that has not happened on the show yet, it must be placed behind a cut tag with all the proper warnings. All currently airing episodes will be considered spoiler material until ONE FULL WEEK after their org. US airdate. This gives those who cannot see the episode as it airs time to find an alternative way of viewing (iTunes, nbc.com, whatever). If you don't put spoilers behind a cut tag, you will be warned once. The second time it happens, you will be put on moderated post, to be removed at the moderator's discretion.

5.) All fanfic posts need proper headers. When making a header for your fic, please include the following items BEFORE the cut tag.

  • Title
  • Author
  • Rating
  • Pairing
  • Spoilers/Timeline
  • Warnings (i.e. death, non-con, incest, etc.)
  • Provide links to any previous chapters/prequels.

5.) Please keep off-topic posts to a minimum.

6.) No full episode or movie downloads. Feel free to link to clips or promos, but do not post entire eps or films. If you're looking for full episodes or films, I would suggest iTunes or Amazon Unbox.

7.) Promoting non-Claude comms/events requires approval. If you want to promote a community or event, and it is about Claude, feel free. However, if it is NOT about Claude (the character himself, a pairing featuring the character, etc.), then please ask virtualinsomnia before posting to the comm. I want to keep our focus on Claude, as there are tons of general Heroes comms out there for all the other stuff. However, if you ask me, I'll probably say yes to the occasional community/event pimping. I'm pretty easy-going about it as long as I'm asked first, so no worries. :-)










If you would like to be affiliated with us, please contact virtualinsomnia.

Claude header on main page made by runningondreams.

Claude header on userinfo page made by virtualinsomnia.